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Albuquerque’s Auction Addiction
Albuquerque New Mexico
Buying and Selling Auction Community.
Live Streaming Video Auctions.
Call Us: (505) 252-0915

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About Us

My Auction Addiction
" An Addicting New Way to Buy and Sell!"
Moving Sales - Estate Sales - Fundraisers - Liquidations - Storage Units - More!
My Auction Addiction

Franchise Auction Features

We Build It
You Work It

**Maximizes the use of technology
· We utilize cutting edge technology to conduct live video broadcast auctions from remote locations with our patent pending process.
· Profit on the growing move to the internet world of selling and social networking.
**Reduces Overhead dramatically.
· No need for a warehouse or lots of employees. No need to relocate items.
· Work from home with a small monthly overhead for phone, fuel, website hosting/streaming, and advertising.
**Reduces impacts to properties.
· Only Auctioneer and Clerk on site, preferred by many sellers or required by the demands of the location.
**Improves Returns
· Utilize both traditional internet bidding and live Auctioneer bidding to provide extensive bidding opportunities for better Market value returns on sales.
** Sustainable in a bad Economy
· You can provide the lowest cost Auction services in town.
· Everyone needs extra money.
· Abandoned property is common.
· An aging population means Estate Sales will grow dramatically in the next decade and beyond.
· YOU control the money! No one gets paid or picks up merchandise until YOU have been paid first.
· Extremely low monthly overhead.
· Supports the growing move to a LOCAL economy.
· Promotes "Green" through recycling.



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CEO & Auctioneer
I have created a Better Way to Buy and Sell in your Local Community. I started this business in Albuquerque, NM about 5 years ago in an effort to create a better future for myself and family. We are proud that have come far enough to begin franchising and look forward to speaking with you more about this opportunity.
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Esther Swartz

Marketing & Sales
I work hand-in-hand with Lloyd and take on every day tasks as needed from inventorying and auctioneering. However, my main focus is producing marketing materials and sales.


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